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Posted June 28, 2004
The void, endless in blackness, stands.
Sparse gasps of light puff and fade, puff
and fade, and sometimes fall and die.
Bodies too small for the task of filling,
Fires too weak to warm the chilling,
Glimmers too soft to break the solid, empty sky:
Their songs, but whispers, can't calm the raging dark.

These ten thousand fruitless lights
And night's own unseen kingdom
Crumble, scatter, perish into blue
As one hot breath of morning's glory
Blasts all irrelevance away.

One body, one fire, one sweeping beam
Evicts all former dwellers,
Fills all former vacancies, and stands.
An endless dark in me - conquered.
The feeble flickers of false loves - dissolved.
And You, my endless light - may I always know your noon.

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