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To All Latter Day Saint and Other Christian Authors!!!!!

I've had the opportunity of being involved with online writing groups, where everyone had the opportunity to post their work and receive feedback from other writers or from the public in general.  This has brought me a lot of joy and has encouraged me to continue in a creative outlet that I had long ago let fall by the wayside.


Recently, I went looking for LDS fiction online.  To my amazement, I have not been able to find anywhere that archives LDS fiction, for the general public to be able to enjoy.  I found lots of places to order books, and while that is ultimately every authors goal to get paid for their craft, it is not always possible.


So I am attempting to offer a service to authors and readers alike.  Here is a site that will archive ORIGINAL work by authors, and make it available for perusal and feedback that otherwise might not be attainable. 

Right now, I dont have any stories.  Please, get the word out to any authors you might know that would want to post their work.  I am accpeting all UPLIFTING stories and poetry, Latter Day Saint or not, that adresses the issues and struggles and thoughts of the modern Christian.  All stories posted remain the property of the author and will be removed at the authors request.


No one will earn any money from archiving here.  Neither will anyone be charged for archiving here.  There is no cost for reading the content.  It is a FREE site.


For submissions or questions, contact me at


My Invitation
Come with me,
and share my world
and my imaginations.
Let me see your heart
that we can truly
be friends in
the Gospel.
Maybe together,
one friend at a time,
the world can know
each other and finally
say "I Love You".