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July 3, 2004
            Once upon a time there was a fly named Freddy. One day Freddy Fly flew into an open car window and found himself speeding along to a far away land. You see flies are so small that even a ten minute drive can be to a far away land!

           When the car finally stopped the dizzy and disoriented Freddy tried to find his way out. Seeing an open door he flew towards the light. Suddenly there was a great rushing sound as the door slammed shut. Freddy who had been millimeters away from freedom was slammed across the car by the force of the blow.

           Hours later Freddy's crumpled body was discovered by a young girl crying, "eeeewwooo a dead bug!"

           Freddy was flicked from the car and landed in the grass. A frog that happened to be hopping by happily gulped him down and hopped on home. 
               THE END J
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